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About Virtetic

Virtetic was founded in 2021 with a single mission: to empower the prosthetics community through virtual reality. Our approach is user focused, evidence based, and gamified.


Instead of wasting precious time waiting for a prosthesis, Virtetic is using virtual reality to help people living with limb loss take advantage of the golden time for rehabilitation and provide valuable data to clinicians.

Our Story

Virtetic had its origin at the University of Melbourne's Human-Robotics Laboratory (2016-2020), where we performed the research that sparked our virtual reality solution for prosthesis use training.

Since then, we have taken part of multiple accelerator and commercialisation programs (TRAM, Medtech Actuator, ANDHealth) to help us bring our virtual reality therapies to the prosthetics community.

We are currently working on improving our solutions with the help of people living with limb loss, clinicians, and industry leaders.

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Meet The Team


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Our Collaborators & Supporters

University of Melbourne
University of South Australia
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Medtech actuator
Translating research at melbourne
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