Your Prosthetics
Journey Reimagined

Take the first step on your prosthetic journey with confidence, powered by immersive play in virtual reality

At Virtetic we believe the limb loss journey should be one of hope, confidence, and limitless potential

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Harness the Power of Virtual Reality

Begin movement therapy, master prosthetic control, and interact with realistic environments – all without the need for a physical prosthesis

Harness the power of virtual reality to explore, interact, and build confidence as you progress on your prosthetic journey


Harness the Power of Virtetic

Early Rehabilitation and Training

Start the rehabilitation and training journey without the need to wait for a prosthesis or build a socket

Engaging and Motivating

Games, activities, and challenges engage you in your rehabilitation and training journey and stay motivated

Representative of Real Life

Virtetic's immersive experiences are made to represent real life prosthesis use and the experience of wearing a prosthesis


Take ownership of your journey by tracking your rehabilitation and training progress through our companion mobile app (coming soon)

Made in Collaboration with World Leading Experts

Our Products

Myo-Hand XP

Myo-Hand XP is an immersive game-based training and rehabilitation system intended for people living with upper limb amputation or limb difference

available in: Australia (ARTG ID 421252)


Mirror Hands VR

With Mirror Hands VR we are researching how to take mirror therapy to the next level through virtual reality


mobility xP

With Mobility XP we are researching how can virtual reality support people living with lower limb loss with their movement therapy and phantom limb management


currently available at

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Life-changing care for people


practice different hand gesture


practice different hand gesture


practice different hand gesture

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Harness the Power of Extended Reality

Virtetic’s extended reality (XR) apps let you start functional rehabilitation, do movement therapy, and learn to use a prosthesis without the need for a physical prosthesis. Through the power of XR, you use a virtual prosthesis just like a real one and engage with virtual environments.

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