Myo-Hand XP

Myo-Hand XP is a virtual reality training and rehabilitation system intended for people living with upper limb amputation or limb difference

available in: Australia (ARTG ID 421252)

Always read the label and follow the directions for use

Myo-hand xp intro

Revolutionising prosthesis use training

Use existing myoelectric sensors to control a virtual prosthesis

Engage in activities to practise using the myo-sensor and the virtual prosthesis

Challenge yourself through different games and challenges

Myo-Hand XP Features

Myoelectric Sensors

Uses existing prosthetic grade myoelectric sensors to control a virtual prosthesis

Virtual Prostheses

Digital twins of real prostheses replicate the function and feel of their physical versions

Games and Challenges

Engaging games, activities, and challenges guide you in your learning process

Experience Personalisation

Adjust the environments to fit your style. Play seated or standing

Games & Challenges

The games and challenges in Myo-Hand XP will help you practice prosthesis control in a fun and engaging way!

Pick & Cook

Train your pick and place skills by becoming a master BBQ chef

Developed Skills:

Myo-signals modulation

Prosthetic Hand & wrist use

Pick and place

Paintball Town

Practice your myo-sensor activation skills while becoming the fastest target painter in the west

Developed Skills:

Proportional myo-signals modulation

Arm range of motion

Box & Blocks Challenge

Test your pick & place skills with the classic box & blocks test

Developed Skills:

Proportional myo-signals modulation

Physics-based grasping

Prosthetic hand and wrist use

Pick and place

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Instructions for Use

Current Research

Skill transfer in prosthesis use training on virtual reality

  • The aim of this research is to study the transfer of prosthesis use and motor skills from game-based virtual reality (VR) training to real world prosthesis use and activities of daily living. Through virtual reality training, people living with limb loss can practice operating a virtual prosthesis in the period where they are not able to wear one, do not have access to one, or are evaluating a different prosthesis.​

    Project in collaboration with the University of Melbourne, the Alfred Hospital, the Royal Melbourne Hospital, APC Prosthetics, and Ottobock.


    Mu, Jing & Garcia Rosas, Ricardo & Mayer, Raphael & Meise, Daniel & Lavranos, Jim & Graf, Mark & Tan, Ying & Oetomo, Denny & Choong, Peter. (2023). Feasibility Study of a Game-Based Virtual Reality Intervention for Functional Prosthesis Use Training: A Pre-Clinical Assessment. (Under Review).